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Much has been written and there are many lively debates about the reasons behind the Series A Crunch. However, for startups looking for post-seed financing, the crunch is a serious issue no matter what the reasons. Whether the problem exists because VCs are consolidating and there is a disproportionate ratio between seed and Series A investments or just dwindling Series A investors, the problem is real for start-ups looking for that next round.

The problem is exponentially larger for startups outside Silicon Valley as many of those Series A investors tend to invest locally first.

Series A today is in essence, the new Series B. Startups have a lot to prove based on seed financing and need to be much more advanced before they start to pursue Series A. They must have an A Team in place; they must have a clearly defined product that answers a real problem; they must have a defined/quantified market opportunity; they must be thinking big and able to show ability to scale. They must show TRACTION.

That’s a lot for startups to handle and also be expected to know and pursue the right players, the right partners as their Series A investors. Upround partners to guide them through company growth and navigate the process.                                                                   

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